Bacterial Contamination of Platelet Components

Posted On 2022-02-18 14:04:17

This series on “Bacterial Contamination of Platelet Concentrates” is edited by Dr. Sandra Ramirez-Arcos from Canadian Blood Services and University of Ottawa, Canada.

Bacterial contamination of platelet components
Sandra Ramirez-Arcos, Carl McDonald; ISBT Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases Working Party Bacteria Subgroup

Review Article
The PGDprime immunoassay for detection of bacterial contamination in platelet concentrates: sensitivity and specificity
Paul D. Mintz, Remo P. Vallejo

FDA guidance on bacterial contamination risk control strategies to enhance the safety and availability of platelets: advantages and limitations
Michael R. Jacobs

Bacterial contamination and sepsis associated with transfusion: current status in Latin America
Michel-Andrés García-Otálora, María-Antonieta Núñez-Ahumada, Silvina Kuperman, Leonardo Oliveira-Leitão, Fabiane Silveira, Rita Martins, Mónica Pesántez-Pesántez, Jorge-Luis Gutiérrez, Romi-Edenilse Alcaráz-Paredes, Eddy Renzo Manrique Castagnola, Amalia-Guadalupe Bravo-Lindoro, Elizabeth Vinelli, Marta Lilian González, Keydi Juárez, María-Isabel Bermúdez-Forero

Bacterial culture of platelets with the large volume delayed sampling approach: a narrative review
Gilles Delage, France Bernier

Rapid detection of bacterial contaminants in platelet concentrates using the next generation BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO®; Microbial Detection System: improved safety and operational efficiency
Lori Daane, Mary Adamik, Michael Ullery, Mohammed Ahmed, Julie Yang

Original Article
Bacterial mitigation strategies: impact of pathogen reduction and large-volume sampling on platelet productivity
Ron Garcia, Anna Razatos

Review Article
THERAFLEX ultraviolet C (UVC)-based pathogen reduction technology for bacterial inactivation in blood components: advantages and limitations
Torsten J. Schulze, Ute Gravemann, Axel Seltsam

Original Article
Transfusion transmitted bacterial infections (TTBI) involving contaminated platelet concentrates: residual risk despite intervention strategies
Wieke Freudenburg-de Graaf, Saskia Spelmink, Josephine Heijnen, Dirk de Korte

The series “Bacterial Contamination of Platelet Components” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Blood without any sponsorship or funding. Sandra Ramirez-Arcos served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.